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Designed for the Future

Designed for the Future

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In a world rapidly evolving with new technological threats, one thing is for certain
Cybersecurity is not going anywhere.


Why Cyber Intelligence 4U?

Qualified Faculty

Our dedicated faculty come from some of the most respected companies in their industries and offer real-life knowledge in order to provide a high-quality, stimulating learning experience. They know the existing and emerging needs of organizations and provide the most up-date techniques and information.

Job Readiness

Cyber is a business issue and we are the first company to address it from this point of view educationally. We provide the most relevant cybersecurity skills training programs to increase cyber resiliency of all students, regardless of where they are in their cyber journey.

Customizable Content

Our content is designed to fit you, your organization, or your university’s unique needs and goals. Clients have the opportunity to choose their specific program and customize the courses most relevant to them. We film, edit, translate and render course content based on your requirements.

Convenient Delivery

We have learners from around the world, with different skill levels, with different learner styles, and all with limited time. We offer courses online on our LMS (or yours) and in-person, depending on the type of program you desire.


Some of the industry leaders that rely on Cyber Intelligence 4U for their cybersecurity training

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