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Who Are We?

Cyber Intelligence 4U is an educational services company that provides two levels of cybersecurity training programs: executive and technical. Our executive program is the #1 program that is utilized at major universities and organizations worldwide. Our technical program provides cybersecurity training and workforce enhancement training for individuals to be certified as an Offensive Security Certified Professional (OSCP) or to significantly augment their current cybersecurity skill level.


Who Are You?

Have you completed your degree in IT and thinking about moving into cyber?

Have you been working in cyber and interested in staying on top of the latest trends and news in your sector?

Are you working in cyber but want to take your skills to the next level or move into another role?

Cyber Intelligence 4U is looking for curious, motivated individuals who are eager to grow their skills on our self paced platform and ready to start working at some of the top companies upon completion of the program.

Are you a compliance manager, privacy expert, auditor or other cyber stakeholder and want to understand how cyber is a business risk and what you can do to enhance cyber resiliency? Cyber Intelligence 4U caters to universities, organizations and students that understand that they need to up their game in cyber with the latest programs that impact your bottom line.


What We Offer?

For Executives: We offer a 1/2 day intensive course on measuring and managing cyber risk with meaningful use cases including insurance quantification, resource management, M&A and vendor risk reduction.

For the Offesive Cybersecurity Professional OCSP: We teach a gamified program that has been designed by premier security experts formerly with the National Security Agency (NSA). We provide hands-on learning with live machines in a safe lab environment.

For organizations: Whether you are looking to elevate your current employees' skill set or elevate the cyber conversation for your sales team, we offer custom programs that get you where you want to go.


Executive Cyber Training

Our Executive Cybersecurity program makes students into critical thinkers and thought leaders. 85% of your business risk is a digital asset. We provide you with business metrics to benchmark and measure cyber resiliency with strategies to lower cyber risk down to acceptable levels.


Course Testimonial

Cyber Intelligence 4U creates the content and manages the Cybersecurity Certificate Program at Rutgers University. See what our students have to say!

We provide executive cyber risk management training including:

• Cyber Basics
• Regulation including GDPR • Cyber Forensics
• Cyber Risk Quantification
• Security Tools
• Cyber Audit
• Cyber Insurance
• Breach Response
• Cyber M&A
• Table Top Exercises
• Cyber Strategy
• Cloud Security

We are the only company that provides this level of in-depth training both academically and practically- enabling the student or employee to immediately grow their career in one of the many cybersecurity positions in high demand today.

Our mission at Cyber Intelligence 4U is YOU


Our course content was created by cybersecurity experts with boots on the ground experience. The executive course was created by a former CISO and cyber entrepreneur. Ariel Evans' book: Managing Cyber Risk was developed from surveys and interviews with over 200 of the F1000 companies. Our OSCP course was developed by former NSA cybersecurity experts that specialize in workforce-enhancing training. It provides gamified environments that cultivate talent in applied and increasingly complex fields. We are recognized as the gold-standard in cyber talent measurement and development—ensuring client teams are ready to meet the evolving threat landscape. We offer internships with the F1000 for our cybersecurity professional course. No other course offers you this level of hands on experience.

Ur convivence

Classes are online and/or in-person with our faculty. We also offer custom courses either in person or online for your organization or university.

Our mission is U as the student We are the only company that provides this level of in-depth training both academically and practically, enabling the student to immediately enter the workforce immediately upon completion.

Our mission is U as the student

We are the only company that provides this level of in-depth training both academically and practically, enabling the student to immediately enter the workforce immediately upon completion.

For more information on our founder and about the mission of Cyber Intelligence 4U, listen to our latest podcast.

Ep. 82: How To Measure Cyber Risk On Your Digital Assets April 29, 2019 - voiceamerica.com www.voiceamerica.com

Ariel Evans, the CEO of Cyber Innovative Technologies and Author of the new book, "Managing Cyber Risk" appears on Episode #82 of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about how to measure Cyber Risk on your digital assets. Evans, who is an expert in measuring and mitigating cyber risk in organizations, talks about how to identify your digital assets, what types of cyber risk maturity models companies should be embracing, and how you should calculate the financial exposure and regulatory risk of a specific digital asset. Evans also defines cyber resiliency, why you should use a digital asset approach to cyber resiliency, and how a company can become more cyber resilient by implementing a proper risk prioritization strategy. She wraps up the show by talking about what professionals should be thinking about when measuring the efficacy of a cyber security program, how you should calculate these metrics, and how to properly use them properly with key stakeholders.

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