Upon completion of the Offensive Cyber Security Program, in conjunction with our job placement feature, our students will immediately be able to enter the workforce in one of these careers:

Security Operations Center (SOC) Analyst:

Analyzes incidents and vulnerabilities for false positives in the infrastructure (software, hardware, networks) from cybersecurity tools, define countermeasures to remedy the detected incidents and vulnerabilities. They may assist in the planning and implementation of security solutions.

Security Engineer:

Performs cybersecurity monitoring, including forensic and log analysis to detect security incidents, and helps to mount an incident response. May investigate new technologies and processes to increase cyber resiliency.

Security Administrator:

Architects and manages permissions for the organization’s security systems.

Security Architect:

Designs the security infrastructure and roadmap for the organization in terms of cybersecurity tools.

Penetration Tester:

Performs penetration testing to identify vulnerabilities and recommend safeguards as preemptive measures. Uses white hack skills to exploit vulnerabilities.

Breach Response Analyst:

Analyzes and assesses damage to the digital assets as a result of security incidents, examines available recovery tools and processes, and recommends solutions.

Intrusion Detection Specialist:

Monitors the digital assets to identify events and traffic indicators that signal intrusion. Documents the damage caused by detected intrusions and recommends safeguards against similar intrusions.

Advanced Threat Prevention Technician:

Analyzes computer viruses and uses advanced threat prevention software to prevent them from delivering their payload.

Computer Security Incident Responder:

A member of the team that provides tabletop exercise and rapid response to security attacks such as viruses and denial-of-service attacks.

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