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Living In A Digital World

The world around us is growing more and more dependent on digital technologies. As a society, this means our digital information is vulnerable unless companies and individuals can properly secure, store, and defend their data.

Data breaches and cyber attacks are on the rise and will continue to rise as there are not enough IT experts to keep companies, governments, and citizens protected.

Check out our founder Ariel Evans as she discusses the cyber revolution and how we need trained cybersecurity individuals to protect our assets!

Ep. 82: How To Measure Cyber Risk On Your Digital Assets April 29, 2019 - voiceamerica.com www.voiceamerica.com

Ariel Evans, the CEO of Cyber Innovative Technologies and Author of the new book, "Managing Cyber Risk" appears on Episode #82 of Task Force 7 Radio to talk about how to measure Cyber Risk on your digital assets. Evans, who is an expert in measuring and mitigating cyber risk in organizations, talks about how to identify your digital assets, what types of cyber risk maturity models companies should be embracing, and how you should calculate the financial exposure and regulatory risk of a specific digital asset. Evans also defines cyber resiliency, why you should use a digital asset approach to cyber resiliency, and how a company can become more cyber resilient by implementing a proper risk prioritization strategy. She wraps up the show by talking about what professionals should be thinking about when measuring the efficacy of a cyber security program, how you should calculate these metrics, and how to properly use them properly with key stakeholders.


Cybersecurity Supply And Demand.

According to recent estimates, there will be as many as 3.5 million unfilled positions in the cyber and IT industry by 2021. Because traditional higher education hasn’t caught up to the IT demands of today, there are a shortage of trained workers in the area of cyber security. This gap means overworked employees or even worse, employees applying out of date tools and technologies which will lead to even more cyber crime.


Why Is A Job In Cybersecurity For You?

Because of the gap in supply and demand, a career in cyber is highly lucrative. Cyber employees in the USA are making three times the national medium income. However it is not just the monetary benefits that makes a job in cybersecurity rewarding. A role in cybersecurity also allows you to take an active part in the protection of highly sensitive data as well as the reputation of your company. Warding off attacks and keeping people and data safe are equally fulfilling- knowing that you are using your skills and expertise to make the world a safer place.

The value cybersecurity employees bring to an organization is extensive. From government agencies to defence, aerospace, reatial and financial firms- all types of comapnies are now more than ever needing qualiied staff to protect their assets.

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