Our Mission



The digital world around us is growing at an exponential rate, allowing companies and the public to interact with data like never before. Unfortunately, higher usage of the digital space means higher risk for incidents. We are witnessing the rising need for talented skilled workers in the cyber security field. We believe in people that want to develop and learn new skills in order to rise in their career. We believe that with focus, curiosity and critical thinking, you will be able to complete this program and quickly go on to a successful career rising in the ranks of cybersecurity.

Our Mission Centers Around YOU

Our Mission Centers Around YOU


Our mission is u as the student. We need business executives who understand how to prioritize resources, budget, insure and mitigate based on the risk of the organization. We need over 2M cybersecurity people in the United States alone that can help protect our digital assets.

Ur convivence

Classes are online, augmented with our faculty for guidance and also available as a custom course in person for your organization. We are the only company that provides this level of in-depth training both academically and practically enabling the student to immediately enter the workforce.


Developed by former NSA cybersecurity experts that specialize in workforce-enhancing training. We provide gamified environments that cultivate talent in applied and increasingly complex fields. We are recognized as the gold-standard in cyber talent measurement and development— ensuring client teams are ready to meet the evolving threat landscape. We offer internships with the F1000 for our cybersecurity professional course. No other course offers you this level of hands-on experience.

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